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well my mac & cheese recipe has been made vegan
i call it "lettuce & lettuce" for short :)
ingredients: lettuce
directions: wash, serve
(optional: serve lettuce on a bed of macaroni necklaces -- delicious and stylish!)
#home #diy #cooking #lifestyle #recipes #yummers #stanleythoughts


Laptop Elevator/Cooling Stand

You need:

One length of 1/2 inch PVC Electrical Conduit

Two Standard Garden Hose Washers

Easy and inexpensive way to elevate your keyboard to a more comfortable level and cool your laptop.

#laptop #diy #lowtech #keyboard #cooling #computer

A cheaper, smaller Raspberry Pi 3 is now available

The new board incorporates most of the improvements made to its B+ brother, taking it down to a lower price point ($25/£23) and shrinking the board down to 65x56mm, the size of a HAT (hardware attached on top), an add-on board. The A+ features a 1.4GHz 64-bit quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 CPU, 512MB LPDDR2 SDRAM, dual-band 802.11ac wireless LAN and Bluetooth 4.2/BLE, plus improved USB mass storage boosting and thermal management. Plus, like its sibling, the whole board is certified as a radio module under FCC rules, which will significantly reduce the cost of conformance testing Raspberry Pi–based products.

They’re smart enhancements, but ultimately the board is a pared-back version of its predecessors, and a lower price tag will make it — and the Raspberry Pi Foundation ethos of promoting computer science in schools and developing countries — more accessible to all. The launch marks the end of the 3+ platform. As the company explains in a blog post, whatever it does next will be less of an evolution as it explores new core silicon on a new process node with new memory technology. “So 3A+ is about closing things out in style,” it says, “answering one of our most frequent customer requests, and clearing the decks so we can start to think seriously about what comes next.”

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A cheaper, smaller Raspberry Pi 3 is now available


Guys, you seriously gotta try making your own #granola. #DIY

It's so easy and SAVES MONEY!! #$$$

(1) Simply toast plain #oats on a dry pan for a few minutes to get some extra flavor out of them (optional step), then
(2) transfer into a large pyrex baking dish.
(3) Add a little cooking oil, some sweetener like molasses or unbleached sugar, a little bit of salt just to bring out the flavor, and then (4) literally ANYTHING ELSE you want! #Peanutbutter? Sure! #Cinnamon? Absolutely! Nuts, dried fruit, anything at all. I've even made granola with tahini!

So then you just bake it at about 300 degrees for thirty minutes, sit around and listen to some music and relax, then pull it out and mix it up a bit before it bakes for the last 20-30 minutes and BAM you have granola.

Considering a pound of granola at the store will cost you anywhere from $4.50 to $8, versus regular plain oats which usually sell at 1-2 dollars a pound, you can #savemoney and #eathealthy plus it's fun and you can flavor it EXACTLY the way you like it.

What are you waiting for? Go make some granola!!


DIY Tinkerers Harness the Power of Artificial Intelligence

#artificial #backchannel #business #diy #harness #intelligence #power #tinkerers

das neue ebook humble bundle sieht gut aus, #diy by make


one of our members home in #Colorado #diy #log #cabin #home #CO. he's about 6-8 months ahead of me, work-wise.... :)

Just finished setting up a Raspberry Pi for one of my friends...

Enclosed everything in a #cheap fuse box.
#Linux #FOSS #FLOSS #raspberryPi #computer #computers #setup #diy #project

The Dead Reds #PeopleRise
By #TheDeadReds

guy Fawkes masks made in china slave factories ?
we are fucked over again and again
they can even make profits from protests against profits !!!
#diy #masks


Food from Scraps

Last Fall and Winter we did an experiment for fun to re-grow different food plants from the cut off pieces that we would normally just compost. Here are some of the results.

Plants we used: #Celery, #Romaine Lettuce, #Bok-Choy, #Beet Tops, #Parsley, #Leek
#diy #gardening #garden #sustainability #food #vegan #zerowaste #recycle #reuse #salad #compost #kitchengarden #nature #environment #jardin #cooking #vegetarian #recyclage #umwelt #cuisine #zerodechet

- #Smart #DIY #Robot - #OttO DIY

Meet otto diy, a homemade smart and interactive robot toy that its made with 3d printed parts,arduino board,ultrasonic sensor,bluetooth module,buzzer,4 micro servos and lipo battery with charger module.

Just ordered my first set of 18650 lithium ion batteries to use in a project and accidentally ordered the holders for them from China. The batteries arrived and the holders are scheduled to arrive in a few weeks. Thankfully I found out that the batteries I ordered were shipped in a plastic case with enough tolerance to allow springs through the sides. Instant and nearly free battery holders that go all the way around and snap closed! I think I like this solution much better!

#lithium-ion #batteries #holder #diy #electronics #happy-accident

I just made up two 5lb spawn bags of maple sawdust with a dash of coffee grounds using proper gusseted, filter-patched polypropylene bags. Unfortunately I have a tiny pressure cooker, so tomorrow I'll have to sterilize them one at a time for about 2.5 hours each... but they should both be cooled down and ready by Sunday to be mixed with my 6 pint jars of colonized birdseed. I'll post pics tomorrow.

#mushrooms #fungi #shiitake #ediblemushrooms #gourmetmushrooms #indoorgardening #mycology #diy

Nouveau sur le blog, remplacer la pâte thermique d'une carte graphique #hardware #diy #pcmod

Made this #hoodie for my daughter years ago:

Made from smc worsted (75/25 acrylic/wool color: honeysuckle) size 7 needles. #knitting #mywork #knit #diy #hobby

Easiest way to set your VCR clock: Stop the rotation of the Earth so that it's always 00:00 in your neighborhood. It sucks, you won't get much light. But that annoying flashing light will convey correct information. Unfortunately it will be conveying 0 bits of information but a stopped clock is always right when you abolish time. Halt all motion and entropy. Stop emitting #stanleythoughts

#diy #home #home-and-garden #lifestyle #lifehack #creative-uses-for-baking-soda

J'ai profité de ces beaux jours pour réaménager notre #jardin à #Chenôve. Vous pourrez voir les différentes phases. Déplantage des fraisiers et framboisiers rescapés de la canicule, délimitation de l'espace, pose des cadres et hop c'est parti pour les #lasagnes : cartons, journaux, branches, feuilles mortes, déchets verts (taille du rosier broyé à la tondeuse) et une nouvelle couche de feuilles mortes. Le tout bien arrosé. Il ne reste plus qu'à mettre un peu de terreau et/ou compost et on va replanter. On tente un peu de #permaculture. Qu'en pense @Yann Swa #jardin #permaculture #diy #lasagne


KOBA Winter School of Wickedfabrics

January 21-25 2019, Berlin/Germany

Before closing our E-Textile Tailorshop shop at the end of January next year, we want to offer a week-long Winter School to pass on these skills to a group of interested people.

Deadline for applying is Wednesday November 14th 2018.
See details >>

#wickedfabrics #etextiles #tailorshop #wearables wearabletech #wearabletechnology #technology #DIY #maker #electronics #textiles #craft #hybridcraft #berlin #kreuzberg #görlitzerpark #görli

we'll be showing MOU 35 this Sat. 11/3 on our live video stream:

and simultaneously gathering at Autonomous Media Playground to watch on the multimedia screens at our inworld location in Second Life:
https://app/region/Sinfro/203/239/100 (you can get a free avatar and log in via the SL website:

Mysteries of UB no. 35

with featured sound artists:



all new HYPNO-IMMERSIVE VIDEO by uBmonkey
+ weird & strange film shorts!

presented LIVE online SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 3rd
11am-2pm US PDT (18.00-21.00 GMT/19.00-22.00 CET)

I will post at showtime so that way anyone who might be here and online will know –
but in case you do not want to miss it, please mark your calendars :)

Also, those of you who might feel like extending your attention spans into an added digital realm,
please join us in Second Life at Autonomous Media Playground for our live video watch party!

See pics from previous events here:

live video link page: (links only active during showtime)

#MysteriesOfUB #DIY #immersive #cinematic #arts #video #VR #secondlife #experimental #music #visual #global #soundart #culture #public #access #tv #oakland #worldwide #ubuibi

Another one dried in by one of our members in #colorado

.....yes, you needed to #drool some more
#diy #cabin #LHBA #logs

3 #Amazing #DIY #Project #Ideas

Amazing projects you can make at home,just using home parts you can make electric wireless door lock,
DIY circuit blocks and DJ led light that rotate 360 degrees.

This looks familiar! I have one of those in my home. And my little Beanie has a Baby Shark to go along with her daddy's Daddy Shark!

h/t +Kathleen Lockhart (my mother-in-law!)
People Around the World Are Obsessed With This Plush Shark from IKEA
#ikea #sharktoy #softtoy #plushtoy #comforttoy #toyanimal #shark #blueshark #ikeatoy #instagram #socialmedia #stuffedanimals #toy #toys #art #design #photography #architecture #science #technology #history #environment #nature #diy #food #funny #travel #entertainment #animals #inspiringstories
People Around the World Are Obsessed With This Plush Shark from IKEA


A Better Solution for Washing Fruit.

US researchers have found in a study, a method to better remove pesticides from the surface of fruit. The study found that washing fruit in only water did not really remove pesticides. The study showed that soaking apples, etc. in a solution of water and baking soda for 12-15 minutes would break down the pesticides which could then be washed off. The apples could then be placed in a bowl where you could give it another quick wash with only water before eating.
#health #fruit #nutrition #diy #pesticides #vegan #vegetarian #food #cooking

Mycelia have fully colonized my spawn bag. I think I need to wait until the whole thing is as white and dense as it is on top before fruiting it. In the meantime, I have six more jars of bird seed getting furry.

#mushrooms #ediblemushrooms #gourmetmushrooms #shiitake #fungi #mycology #growing #indoorgardening #diy #coffee


When I took apart the RFID tag from the cashierless store I ran across in Yiwu, China, my friend Stuart challenged me to try and make my own RFID tag. And it...
Article word count: 145

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When I took apart the RFID tag from the cashierless store I ran across in Yiwu, China, my friend Stuart challenged me to try and make my own RFID tag. And it sent me on adventure that took me around the world, to meet some really amazing people!

Learn more about Impinj: [2]
Buy the microscope from Xiumei: [3]

Twitter: [4]
Instagram: [5]
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Edited by auram - [7]

(The following contains affiliate links)

Software we use to collaborate while editing videos remotely:

My Gear:

Main camera: [9]
Other camera: [10]
Main lens: [11]
Other lens: [12]
Microphone: [13]
Little tripod: [14]


Faded - Ooyy (licensed through [15]
Sweet Like Candy by Uppeach (licensed through
Smoozie - [ocean jams] (licensed through [16]
Timebide by Oliver Michael (licensed through
Eternal Sunshine by Stanley Gurvich (licensed through
Gossip Talk 1 - Gavin Luke (licensed through [17]
Infinite by Garrett Bevins (licensed through
Iʼm In A Tree - Smartface (licensed through [18]

[19]#StrangeParts [20]#RFID [21]#DIY [22]#China


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I could get lost looking at these #rustic #door s:


#cabin #diy #woodworking #craftsmanship #wood

high end doors at Home Depot run up to $5,000

SERIOUSLY planning on building doors in my future woodshop after I move in....

Das erste mal den Brotteig im Gärkörbchen gehen lassen. Nun sieht das Brot so sehr aus wie ein gekauftes (bis auf die Risse), dass es mir fast unangenehm ist. 🤣
#backen #bakery #bread #brot #DIY

J'ai fait le grand saut.
Je me posais des questions le mois dernier sur comment bricoler un poêle bouilleur en partant de mon fidèle Deom...
Quelles sections de tubes, thermosiphon ou circulateur, ou placer l'échangeur quels dispositifs de sécurité prévoir? On trouve de tout sur le net, du bricolage dangereux à l'installation du paranoïaque de la sécurité... J'ai fait mon petit mixe de tout ça. ^^
Il est notoire que pour un thermosiphon efficace il faut de grosses sections de tubes 16/18 ou 18/20, c'est ce que j'ai fait pour le solaire thermique et ça fonctionne très bien, je voulais donc faire la même chose pour le poêle. C'est une contrainte qui m'a fait perdre un temps fou car je n'arrivais pas à cintrer proprement mon tube en 16/18 proprement autour du tubage de mon poêle. Du coup, pour contourner le problème et agrandir le rayon de cintrage j'ai décidé de faire l'échangeur autour du poêle... même en 18, super facile, il m'a fallu 5 min en buvant une bière. Mais là, pof, nouveau problème. Je trouve que le poêle devient dangereux, notamment pour les gnomes qui pourraient se brûler très facilement. J'ai donc été obligé de réduire ma section pour pouvoir conserver ma grille de protection... Je sors le mètre, mesure, 13mm entre le corps du poêle et la grille donc obligé de descendre en 10/12 pour que ça passe. A ce stade, gros doute... est-ce que le thermosiphon va fonctionner malgré la perte de charge engendrée par la baisse de section? Du coup, j'allonge mon échangeur pour gagner en puissance et donner l'impulsion qui lancera la circulation... Je partais sur 10m, ce sera du 20m!
Je passe les péripéties de la mise en oeuvre, les essais, les mises en pression, les fuites, démontage, remontage, démontage, remontage...
Du vendredi après-midi au samedi fin de journée je n'ai fait que ça, une grosse journée et demi. Lorsque tout était terminé j'ai fébrilement allumé le poêle, le ballon était descendu à 42° car j'avais couvert le panneau du circuit solaire pour ne pas avoir trop chaud à côté des tuyaux et là, Ô Miracle ça a l'air de fonctionner. J'ai passé la première demi-heure à surveiller les températures de mes tubes, les différences entre aller et retour di circuit, à regarder la chaleur monter vers le ballon et le thermosiphon se lancer... La température du fluide caloporteur s'est stabilisée autour de 85° en entrée du ballon, pile-poil comme il faut.
Résultat -> en 2h et 4 bûches (2 de sapin et 2 de chêne) j'ai gagné 22° sur une masse de 200 litres, le soir en allant me coucher l'eau était à 64°, un score rarement atteint même en plein été avec le solaire.
Seul petit bémol, on perd pendant la première demi-heure un peu de chaleur par rayonnement au niveau du poêle, le temps que le circuit chauffe... Après on ne sent plus la différence.
Je suis content, je vais pouvoir prendre des bains chauds à l'eau de source tous les jours. ^^
Il me reste quelques finitions et surtout une sonde à installer, qui permettra que le système soit utilisable par n'importe-qui (pas que par moi qui garde toujours un œil sur les températures du fluide, du poêle et ballon). En cas de surchauffe cette vanne injectera de l'eau froide dans le circuit tout en évacuant de l'eau chaude vers l'égout. C'est vite fait de voir le feu s'emballer dans un Deom, ce serait dommage que ça termine en cocotte-minute défaillante! ^^

Liste du matériel:
- 20m de cuivre recuit en 10/12
- 20m d'inox annelé isolé
- vase d'expansion + manomètre + soupape de sécurité
- 1 purgeur d'air, des vannes, des tés, des coudes, des allonges en 1 pouce, des colliers, de la filasse, du téflon...
- 1 sonde de température qui injecte de l'eau froide en cas de surchauffe

-> coût total: Un peu plus de 400€. C'est un investissement mais très vite rentabilisé pour quelqu'un qui est raccordé au réseau, le chauffe-eau est un poste de dépense très important sur les factures d'électricité. Pour des gens comme nous qui sont 100% "off the grid", c'est juste du confort... Mais y'a pas de mal à se faire du bien non?

#solaire #solar #autonomie #autonomy #thermosiphon #ECS #energie #energy #économied'energie #eauchaude #offgrid #hotwater #water #DIY

Mit dem Licht-Dosentelefon könnt ihr eurem Partner oder Freunden Farben hin- und herschicken. #DoItYourself #DIY

There has been tremendous growth in the past two days. It's much faster than I'm used to seeing mycelia grow, especially this shiitake strain which took forever to colonize the corn. I guess they really do like wood (that's what she said).

#mushrooms #ediblemushrooms #gourmetmushrooms #shiitake #fungi #mycology #growing #indoorgardening #diy @muppeth


Mona Scott-Young Applauded for Haitian Upbringing After Showing Off Another Skill

Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” executive producer Mona Scott-Young is getting saluted for her variety of talents by fans who say “it’s a Haitian thing.”

Young isn’t shy about her Haitian-American ancestry, and fans believe it’s her cultural background that has something to do with her strong skill set. The reality show producer took to Instagram a few days ago to show off her sewing artistry at work. She posted a video of herself stitching a jacket back together that she accidentally ripped.

In the recording, she says, “A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do as long as she knows how to do it.” She added the caption, “When you rip your jacket and have to sew it up yourself! On set. With everyone standing around trying to get answers from you. And all you care about is sewing your jacket. Bild/FotoBild/Foto #DIY #AGirlsGottaDoWhatAGirlsGottaDo #MultiTalented #MakeItHappen #mPOWered Bild/Foto.”

Fans chimed it under Young’s comment section and said her several skills stem from her “Haitian blood.”

“That’s the Hatian In you girl Bild/Foto she konsa oui Lol @monascottyoung Bild/Foto.”

“Yasssssss Bild/FotoBild/Foto! My momma taught me how to sew too. Although at this age threading a needle is the biggest challenge.”

“Strong Boss Haitian really is on your blood our mama teaches us everything how to make a pennis turns millions hard work how to take care our men our family cleans cooked we did all boss Mona lol Bild/Foto.”

“Like a true Haitian boss!! Bild/Foto.”

“Off course it’s a Haitian thing .”

literally was going to type the same thing Bild/FotoBild/FotoBild/FotoBild/Foto even the face she was making in the pics!! I love it.”

The mother of two was honored by the third annual Haiti Cherie in 2013 at a New York City fundraiser. In a recent interview with the Haitian Times, she credited her mother’s strength for solidifying her pride as a Haitian-American.

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When you rip your jacket and have to sew it up yourself! On set. With everyone standing around trying to get answers from you. And all you care about is sewing your jacket. Bild/FotoBild/Foto #DIY #AGirlsGottaDoWhatAGirlsGottaDo #MultiTalented #MakeItHappen #mPOWered Bild/Foto

A post shared by Mona Scott-Young (@monascottyoung) on Oct 16, 2018 at 8:08am PDT