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Beiträge die mit Mastodon getaggt sind

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Kann ich über #Mastodon dem Bundesdatenschutzbeauftragen Kelber auch auf #Diaspora* folgen? Falls ja: wie? Meine Versuche blieben bisher ergebnislos.

Wer von euch betreibt neben @Gargron noch eine #Mastodon-Instanz?

Könnt ihr mal bitte Feedback geben, wie zeitaufwändig bei euch die Moderation ist?


Can anyone running a mastodon-server please tell, what time you have to invest to moderate your instance?

If you want to run your own #Mastodon instance but don't want to do techie stuff, you can get fully managed hosting from Masto.Host:

They're also on Mastodon at:


You control your instance, they do the behind-the-scenes technical maintenance.








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Mastodon 2.7: Highlights from the changelog

In this release: New profile directory, new tutorial, new public hashtag pages and more moderation tools

HN Discussion:
Posted by Kye (karma: 245)
Post stats: Points: 115 - Comments: 40 - 2019-01-20T13:31:37Z

\#HackerNews #changelog #from #highlights #mastodon #the
Article content:

The fresh release of Mastodon brings long-overdue improvements to discoverability of content and the administration interface, as well as a large number of bug fixes and extra polish.

The 2.7 release consists of 376 commits by 36 contributors since October 31, 2018. For line-by-line attributions, you can peruse the [1]changelog file, and for a historically complete list of contributors and translators, you can refer to the [2]authors file, both included in the release.

[3]Profile directory on

Profile directory on

One of the new features is a profile directory that people can opt-in to. The directory allows you to see at a glance active posters on a given Mastodon server and filter them by the hashtags in their profile bio. So you can find people who share your interests without reading through the public timelines, and you can even find out who to follow from a different Mastodon server without needing to sign up and lurk there!

[4]Tutorial explaining the timelines

Tutorial explaining the timelines

The tutorial that new people see after signing up has been completely reworked. It has a tighter narrative: Rather than explaining the minutea of the default user interface, it focuses on the main concepts of Mastodon, from which the interface is a derivation. And it is accompanied by colorful illustrations. It also has the benefit of loading a bit faster, since it’s not a modal window laid over the interface, but rather it loads before the interface.

[5]Public hashtag page for #catstodon

Public hashtag page for #catstodon

The public hashtag page now makes better use of screen estate by arranging toots in a masonry grid instead of a narrow column. The public hashtag page is the page outside the columnized web interface that logged in users see and use–it is a page oriented primarily towards anonymous viewers.

2.7 includes a new moderation warning system for Mastodon. Whereas previously people would learn that their account was suspended or disabled only through a generic error page when trying to access their account, now moderators can choose to notify users about any actions taken against them. Even without specific actions, moderators can send official warnings that get delivered over e-mail and are reflected in the moderator interface, allowing other moderators to stay updated. Moderators can write any additional information in those e-mails. Because many moderation cases are similar, there is a system for saving presets, that moderators can very easily choose from instead of typing messages from scratch every time.

Of course, because it’s hard to generalize, and some trolls and spam bots are best contained when they don’t realize they are being contained, that notification system can be overriden on a case by case basis.

[6]Admin interface for a remote account

Admin interface for a remote account

The moderation interfaces for accounts and instances has also been reworked. Accounts now display the most important numbers in an easy to skim grid. Some useless information has been removed, and some useful information has been added, such as when the user signed up, or who sent them an invite. For accounts from other servers, you can now see which local users follow them at a glance.

[7]Administration interface for known servers

Administration interface for known servers

The administration interfaces for known servers and domain blocks have been unified into a common area. Besides displaying how many accounts are known from a particular server, you can now also see how many accounts are followed from your server, how many of their accounts are following your users, how many have been individually blocked or reported, and how much disk space that server’s media attachments are taking up.

App developers will be delighted to learn that 2.7 introduces a registration API. By implementing that API, apps will be able to accept new registrations from their users, instead of having to send them to a web browser. When a user signs up through an app, they still receive a confirmation e-mail which they have to open before their account is activated, but the e-mail contains a link that can open the app, and once the account is activated, the app is already authenticated and ready to go.

The command-line utility for managing a Mastodon server, tootctl (pronounced “toot control”) has received a few new commands. Over the course of Mastodon’s existence, some people built websites collecting statistics from known Mastodon servers. However, their numbers always differ a little, and it’s difficult to inspect how they function. Now, you can scan the Mastodon network from your own machine to discover servers and aggregate statistics about Mastodon’s usage with tootctl domains crawl.

By running that command from my machine, I was able to gather these figures: 2251 active Mastodon servers, 1,882,838 registered users, 172,041 active users and 21,537 new sign-ups in the first week of January 2019.

The other new command is tootctl accounts follow and it allows you to make the users on your server follow a specified account. As a reminder, users on Mastodon follow their administrator by default, both for important announcements as well as to kickstart their home feed with something when they’re new. So that command is useful in those rare cases where the administrator needs to change their account.
To learn more about a tootctl command, append --help to it, for example: tootctl domains crawl --help

This is far from everything included in the release–there are many smaller improvements, like CSV export for lists and domain blocks, volume sliders for videos, ability to follow multiple hashtags from the same column, improved emoji support, better defences against spammers with MX checks, and more.


Contributors to this release: [8]0xflotus, [9]Aditoo17, [10]ariasuni, [11]ashleyhull-versent, [12]BenLubar, [13]chr-1x, [14]Esteth, [15]fwenzel, [16]Gargron, [17]hinaloe, [18]jomo, [19]kedamaDQ, [20]Kjwon15, [21]m4sk1n, [22]mayaeh, [23]mbugowski, [24]moritzheiber, [25]noellabo, [26]nolanlawson, [27]pawelngei, [28]pointlessone, [29]Quenty31, [30]remram44, [31]renatolond, [32]Reverite, [33]shrft, [34]Sir-Boops, [35]sumdog, [36]tachyons, [37]ThibG, [38]tmm576, [39]ykzts, [40]ysksn, [41]yukimochi, [42]zunda

Translators for this release: adrianbblk, Alix D. R., Antonis, avndp, azenet, Branko Kokanovic, Burekz Finezt, ButterflyOfFire, carl morris, codl, Daniel, Eirworks, Enol P., Ivan Pleva, Jaz-Michael King, Jeong Arm, jeroenpraat, koyu, Kristijan Tkalec, Kumasun Morino, lilo, Lorem Ipsum, Marcin Mikołajczak, Marek Ľach, Masoud Abkenar, mayaeh, Muhammad Nur Hidayat (MNH48), Mélanie Chauvel, osapon, Osoitz, Quenti2, Quentí, Ranjith Tellakula, Rasmus Sæderup, Renato “Lond” Cerqueira, rscmbbng, spla, Vanege, Xose M., 小鳥遊まりあ

As always, huge thanks to everyone who contributed to this release, to [43]everyone who sponsors the project on [44]Patreon, and to everyone who uses the network! 🐘

\* [45]Full changelog 
 \* [46]User documentation

— Eugen Rochko , Jan 20, 2019


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I published release 1.66.0

What's new:

- Schedule toots from server side (schedule, edit, delete)

It needs #Mastodon 2.7


Ja müssten sie, da hast du recht. Allerdings habe ich die Voraussetzung (die zwar hier nicht ausgeschrieben steht) dass in einem Fediverse alle miteinander kommunizieren können.

Ja ok Diaspora "noch" nicht (ich gebe die Hoffnung nicht auf 🌻 auch wenn da noch nicht so der richtige Wille da ist). Ich finde aber #Diaspora wichtig für die verteilten sozialen Netzwerke und hoffe, dass sie die technischen Hürden nehmen werden.

Ebenso wie z.B. #Mastodon und Ähnliche ihr Kommentar-Verteilungsmodell nochmal bezüglich #Privatsphäre überdenken. Kommentator verteilt an alle anderen Kommentatoren versus z.B. Friendica/Diaspora Beitragersteller verteilt Kommentare an alle Kommentatoren.

Hintergrund hier ist:

  • Wenn der Beitragsersteller die Kommentare an alle Kommentatoren verteilt, muss ein Kommentator nur den Beitragsersteller kennen.
  • Wenn jeder Kommentator seinen Kommentar an die anderen verteilen muss, so muss er ALLE (auch die nicht kommentieren und die eventuell nur ein Like da gelassen haben) informieren. Daher müssen ständig ein Großteil des Kontakteverzeichnis rumgeschickt werden. Da sehe ich ein massives Problem.

Daher überlege ich bei Beiträgen, die ich in der Sichtbarkeit einschränke, diese ausschließlich an Friendica, Diaspora und Hubzilla zu verteilen und alle anderen Verteilungsmodelle außen vor lasse. Da es Teilnehmer gibt, die sich z.B. nicht in öffentlichen Verzeichnissen wie z.B. eintragen und sicherlich auch nicht wollen, dass ich dauernd ihren Kontakt überall verteile.

Ich bin Entwickler und mag Technik sehr, aber die Funktionen von #Mastodon sind mir (fast) egal. Was mich an Mastodon einfach begeistert, hat im engeren Sinne nämlich nichts mit Technik zu tun. Ich finde hier einfach Menschen, die sehr respektvoll miteinander umgehen, sachgemäß um bessere Lösungen für ein gelungenes Miteinander ringen. Ich bekomme viele Inspirationen für neue Lösungsansätze und versuche mit meiner Instanz der Gemeinschaft etwas zurückzugeben.

Mal ne Frage:

Wenn man das, was man bei #Pleroma, #GNUSocial, #Mastodon doer #MissKey als "Microblogging" bezeichnet, wie bezeichnet man dann das, was man bei #Friendica, #Hubzilla oder #Diaspora macht? #Verb

Ist das dann "Makroblogging"?

I'm also a lot more active on #Mastodon but it's mainly because of 3 reasons:
* Content is more easily digestable with 500 characters
* My instance is specifically tailored for tech people so I see a lot more of my interests.
* The instance has a strict code of conduct so I don't have to see a lot of the crap I often see on Diaspora.

That being said, I've also come back into being more active on #Diaspora because of it's long format. People on Mastodon don't often click on a toot to see the full context of a thread. Stuff gets missed when I have something more substantial to say and I find that very irritating. I may go back to posting my long-form ideas, concepts, tutorials and rants here and just link them back to Mastodon with a brief message. I also might just start an actual blog, but that's a topic for another day.

I also wish that all federated networks used markdown, but that's a whole other bias ;)

By using both Mastodon and Diaspora, I feel like I get different content from two relatively different clusters of federated networks due to the difference in the protocol used which is nice.

I use Arch, btw. I'm happy to help however I can.

Right. So. I know I haven't been as active on here as I initially expected I would be, the reason being simply that Mastodon seemed easier to get into. I know, the types of social networking platforms they are differ, but as someone who hadn't been using much #socialnetworking at all for ages and to whom the very word "microblogging" had always seemed to have a romantic ring to it (not romance as in ドキドキ / dating / find-your-true-love romance, mind you—more the way different historical civilisations and people get romanticised, like the Vikings or Roman Empire), it's not surprising I found myself more there than here. However, it is the "micro" in #microblogging that brings me here at this particular moment. I am assuming that posting a link in #mastodon that points to a specific post in #diaspora should be an extremely simple task. So my next post is going to be basically what I would have sent there except the length makes doing that impractical. I welcome any input from people here, too, which is the whole purpose of writing this post first—to say I can use all the help I can get, essentially. Expect that post momentarily. It's mostly going to be asking for help and advice in installing #arch on my new computer once it's built. #gnu #linux #distro #freesoftware #opensource

My #fediverse ( #diaspora #mastodon #pixelfed ) running on the BeOS inspired alt-OS Haiku :) (and federating over #activitypub between PixelFed and Mastodon to boot)...I could have been coding but I'd rather dork around today with altos etc #computer #geek #haikuos #beos

Bild/FotoGiacomino wrote the following post Wed, 16 Jan 2019 19:51:02 +0000

It is not so difficult to connect to contacts in #diaspora or #mastodon or #friendica starting from #hubzilla....

The important thing is to know certain aspects:
-you need to find a hub/site that has plugins enabled
-it is necessary to install the apps

Take a look in this video ( in this case 2 diaspora and 1 mastodon):

!{} !{}

Want to use a link shortener on #Mastodon?

Don't! :blobsurprised: All links in Mastodon posts count for 23 characters, no matter how long they really are.

(via @jond )


It is not so difficult to connect to contacts in #diaspora or #mastodon or #friendica starting from #hubzilla....

The important thing is to know certain aspects:
-you need to find a hub/site that has plugins enabled
-it is necessary to install the apps

Take a look in this video ( in this case 2 diaspora and 1 mastodon):

!{} !{}

Suivre les #actualités des camarades d'Alternative Libertaire Grand #Paris Sud sur #Mastodon :

#AL #AlternativeLibertaire #Framapiaf #Pouet #Toot #NouveauIci #Welcome

instead of trying to find ways to do it inside the frederation/fediverse

Well, the #Fediverse is fractured into different parts, #Mastodon users (programmers) could then not communicated with #Diaspora users. #Github got kind of evil because of #Microsoft

I knew the microsoft issue would come up ..
that's just kinda "different" battleground, although actually proves my centralized dependency point when it comes to: "let's discuss inside our realm!"
For me it's kinda strange that any coder of the federation-fediverse hasn't an account with any of the competetive but befriended projects.
Like to say:
For me as a surfer/user/testdriver and (dis)content creator it's basics to have an account on all the projects just out of curiosity and I think as a coder I would actively look out for what are doing the others to get more input, more ideas, widen my perception of the multiverse we create. So using the different platforms for the discussion is just a logical step for me that should naturally improve the whole system just by using it and knowing of each other.

If friendica is more kinda interconnecting platform it's reasonable to host the basic forum profiles there. If diaspora has a voting tool it's reasonable to use it so every one can "vote" with his diaspora account on surveys. If GNUsocial is (or mastodon, the one I haven't used yet) better for chit-chat about other aspects .. let's enjoy it and test it for that purpose.

That doesn't mean that if for specific important things a precise centralized tool fit's right now best (or is the established worst option for now) like it's the case for coding github or translations .. be it. And if coders say "for our needs we have to use discourse or other", I guess it's about specific needs to accomplish certain job .. perfect.

What I'm talking about is more in the direction of that I wonder if sometimes for coders every problem looks like the need for an app, a littel bit like when you have a hammer and every thumb looks like a nail you know. I get the impression that what the bigger picture → "the community" needs is implementation of "moderation tools" by moderators, something I guess is more about the realm of the work @Sean Tilley got when he came to the diaspora project long time ago.

To me it looks like that the "flaws" and imperfection of the federated fediverse needs some human man power to maintain the flux of conversation/information by doing the job of interlocutor, meaning man power driven dedicated forum pages and profiles on the different networks to keep the work/discussion going ..

not sure if this was more comprehensive @Hypolite Petovan (he/him) ??

Well, the #Fediverse is fractured into different parts, #Mastodon users (programmers) could then not communicated with #Diaspora users. #Github got kind of evil because of #Microsoft ...


#Mastodon is the most active ethical social network with almost 2 million registered users, a wide range of mobile apps and thousands of servers to choose from.

There are no ads and no tracking, the network is funded by user donations. You can also set up your own instance either on your own server or through a fully managed hosting service like

See here for more details:

#AlternativesAtoZ #SocialNetworks #Fediverse #ActivityPub

Best way to move instances on #Mastodon:

On your OLD account:

1. Export your follows, mutes and blocks: go to Settings, then Data Export, then download the CSV files (you do NOT need to request an archive to do this!)

2. Set your old account to redirect to the new one: go to Settings, then Edit Profile, then "Move To A Different Account" (at bottom of screen)

On your NEW account:

3. Upload your follows, mutes and blocks: go to Settings, then Import, then upload the CSV files


Ich hätte gerne mal ne Frage und zwar ;-)

Ich habe meine erste Liste angelegt. Wenn ich diese Toots jetzt NUR noch in der Liste sehen will und nicht mehr in meiner Timeline, was muss ich denn da machen?

#list #mastodon #help



Auch wenn ich nicht mehr auf einem Diaspora Pod Zuhause bin, so habe ich immer noch die meisten Kontakte bei Diaspora.
Ich bereue es nicht Diaspora verlassen zu haben, da ich mit meinen alten Kontakten immer noch in Verbindung bin und nun zusätzlich auch noch neue Kontakte bei #Mastodon und Co gefunden habe.

#fediverse #hubzilla #Diaspora

On the day I said I hadn’t run into too many bots on Mastodon this one popped up spamming my timeline lol. At least it wasn’t false advertising what it was and I can block it and its entire domain (which I of course did)…just the serendipity of it is humorous to me…the bot itself I found idiotic not humorous meanwhile it has 200+ followers...ah the internet... #mastodon #fediverse

Ich benutze ja seit ein paar Tagen das ActivityPub Plugin von @pfefferle und folge meinem Blog (also mir selbst) auf Mastodon. Eben habe ich einen neuen Blog Post geschrieben und zack ... tauchte der Text mit Link und Featured Image nach dem Veröffentlichen auf WordPress in meiner Mastodon Timeline auf. So langsam arbeitet das alles richtig gut zusammen 👍 #activitypub #mastodon #wordpress

Momentan kennt dieser Knoten 4.264 Knoten mit insgesamt 2.785.402 registrierten Nutzern, die die folgenden Plattformen verwenden:

#Friendica (369/13.991)
#diaspora (299/616.294)
#red (9/101)
#hubzilla (263/6.767)
#GNUSocial (149/2.010)
#StatusNet (9/82)
#Mastodon (2.724/2.122.790)
#Pleroma (436/22.275)
#socialhome (3/880)
#ganggo (3/212)


Sorry, war mein Fehler bzgl. Familien-Social-Networking wäre für Dich eher Friendica geignet :)

... Du kannst Deinen pod so einstellen, da Du WordPress abschalten kannst.
Oder schau' Dir auch Mal das anti-twitter #mastodon an:
Bis dann,
Euer Vaxima

Damals™ bei ADN gab es dieses nette Feature, nicht Leute, sondern Threads temporär stummzuschalten. Sehe ich das richtig, dass das aktuell bei #Mastodon nicht möglich ist?

Könnt ihr gute Informationsquellen über #mastodon und das #fediverse empfehlen?

Erwünscht: leicht druckbar und auch in Deutsch.🖨️

Vielleicht sogar etwas mit politischen Überlegungen zu den Risiken von Twitter (oder Facebook) und den Vorteilen freier Alternativen?

Danke :)



...well clicking it still doesn’t work for me, but at least pasting it to the search-box does...
(...still lots to learn about the #fediverse, #pleroma, #mastodon and maybe others, and how the integrate and interact...)

Liebe #mastodon Administratoren. Besteht die Möglichkeit einen User, der seinen Account gelöscht hat komplett aus der Datenbank zu entfernen ???

Der Account is übrigens als #Bot markiert, genauer gesagt als "Service" Account und das übersetzt #Mastodon wohl zu Bot. Von dem Rest hab ich keine Ahnung, vielleicht müsste da bei Mastodon jemand die Umsetzung anschauen.

I released a new version on the beta channel.

What's new:
- Borders for profile pictures in accounts picker (orange #Peertube / blue #Mastodon)
- Fix some bugs with comments.
- Automatically put in full screen videos when the device is in landscape mode.
- Some cleaning with layouts.
- Token are automatically refreshed when expired (They are available for 24h)

#Mastalab 1.63.0-beta-2

Sur facebook, à force que je parle de Diaspora et Mastodon, on me pose des questions.

Je me suis essayée à un article sur le sujet, en tant que non informaticienne et à destination des non informaticiens, un peu comme "le réseau social libre et décentralisé expliqué à ma grand-mère".

Toutes remarque bienvenue!

#réseausocial #libre #décentralisé #alternatif #alternative #mastodon #diaspora #peertube #pixelfed #information #explication

Gibt es eigentlich auch einen #Webclient für #Mastodon, der bei Tröts nicht automatisch nach oben springt?

Btw: did you know that you can become a sponsor for the creators of your favourite #Mastodon client?!
Support @ConnyDuck, the creator of @Tusky Android app (
or @h3poteto, the creator of the crossplatform #Whalebird desktop client (
Do you know some more? #Fediverse


Hallo !Deutschsprachige Nutzer

ich bin #neuhier . Eine Frage zur Verbindung zu #Mastodon. Ich habe mich mit einem Mastodon Account verbunden. Ich sehe seine toots und er sieht meine Posts und meine direkte Ansprache (mit @...) Ein reply Kam bei mir nicht an. Ich vermute, weil im Profil steht "private Kommunikation ist nicht möglich". Ist das so? Ist das eine generelle Situation in der Verbindung mit Mastodon?

Viele Grüße

Yo #Mastodon #fediverse folks, a question: has there been much discussion of how to handle it if someone decides to sign up for your username but on a different instance?

Like, what happens if someone grabs @ chartier @ and starts harassing folks claiming to be me?