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How to Be a Man

Like it or not, it takes more than a pair of cojones to achieve manhood. Cultures around the world have rites of passage to symbolize it and customs to preserve it. Although there is no one way to categorize manliness, there are certain attributes almost everyone would consider to be "manly."

Part 1. Mind

Number 1. Know yourself.

Find out who you are and be happy with that person. There's no one way to be a man. A 'real' man can be a logger who wears plaid and doesn't shower for 10 days; a 'real' man can also be a professor who talks about Milton and Shakespeare. All men, however, know who they are and respect themselves in and out.

[1]Number 2. Be knowledgeable about something.

It doesn't really matter what it is, but you should consider yourself pretty familiar with one area of expertise. Men may not know or want to use fancy, two-dollar words, but when... mehr anzeigen


Show HN: Everything I Know Wiki

Last updated 5 months agoThis is my personal wiki where I share
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Posted by nikivi (karma: 814)
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#wiki #wikijs
How to Install Wiki.js on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS #wiki

Nicht mehr als dem virtuellen Leben der Stadt und dem Landkreis #Würzburg wegzudenken: das #WürzburgWiki wird 10 Jahre alt! Und das lokale freie Wissen braucht etwas Unterstützung.
WürzburgWiki: Zehn Jahre freies Wissen für Würzburg – Zeit für ein Dankeschön
#StadtWiki #Wiki #FreiesWissen #OpenKnowledge #Unterfranken

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