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As I said on the G+ post, we need to say more of these things, to more people, more of the time. And sometimes, we all need some of these things said to us.

(via @Kate Turnbole on G+)

Hey you. Yes you. I see you.

I see you struggling with invisible illness.
I see you fighting with brain weasels.
I see you worrying about being a good parent, teaching your kids respect, inclusion, acceptance and love.
I see you hurting for your sick furbabies, doing everything you can for them.
I see you hurtling yourself against the walls of injustice.
I see you pushing back at the weight of your own fears.
I see you staring into the ruins of an unchangeable past.
I see you standing on the edge of a brand new journey.

I see you. I love you.
You're awesome. You're strong. You're brave.
Always keep fighting.

#emotional #support #community #iSeeYou

"Es reicht!": Paris fordert Millionenstrafe von Airbnb
Paris zieht gegen Airbnb vor Gericht - und fordert Rekordstrafe
#Privat #Vermieter #Wohnungsmarkt #Hotel #Unterkunft #Reservieren #SiliconValley #Community #Airbnb #Wirtschaft #Unternehmen&Märkte #Paris #Hotels


Valentine’s Day is the one day of the year we come together and celebrate #love. But there’s a lot more to love than what’s typically associated with the #holiday – bouquets of red roses, heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, cards from secret admirers and so on.

Love is about #understanding, #compassion and #joy. It’s about #kindness and #generosity. And about giving in to something greater than yourself. In many ways, #volunteers embody all of these qualities. That’s why we’re highlighting 7 ways to #volunteer and put that love into action.

This #ValentinesDay, celebrate love in its truest form by giving your time to support and care for others in your #community. You might just find nothing gives you the warm fuzzies quite like #volunteering.
7 Ways to Volunteer on Valentine’s Day & Beyond

Marinaleda - a beautiful Utopia

a mayor takes matters in his own hand and fights for future worth living!

Viva Espania! Viva Marinaleda!

It proofs what people can achieve if they stay strong together and build community for mutual support!

housing: rent is 15€ per month! and you are NOT allowed to sell the house! you MUST pass on the house to your children!

good things are happening!

\#money #alternative #reform #... mehr anzeigen


Conscription - Yes or No?

"In a country of more than 329 million people, the extraordinary potential for service is largely untapped," said Joe Heck, chairman of the National Commission on Military, National, and Public Service. On Wednesday, he and his fellow commissioners unveiled the panel's interim report to Congress.

Of America's younger generations, Heck said, "Generation Z represents a huge potential for this country if we can find ways to encourage a greater number of them to serve."

Do you try to persuade them, or force them into service?

"Young Americans' interest in service is evident," the report states, "given their appetite to volunteer: Over 28 percent of millennials report volunteering in 2017, performing roughly 1.5 billion hours of community service."

After traveling around the country to hear from members of the public, the commission wrote, "We heard from people who believe strongly that the United States should pursue a transformative effort to involve many more Americans in military, national... mehr anzeigen

A Sense of Place

What is the appropriate relationship between humans and the whole living system? In the act of honoring the connection and dependency that we have with the whole web of life lies the possibility of a deep and abiding communion. If, as author Wendell Berry has written, “you can’t know who you are until you know where you are,” then the process of discovering and achieving a sense of place may be the most important step in our life’s journey.

#ASenseOfPlace #life #way-of-life #paradigm-shift #journey #nature #people #community #bioregional #KirkpatrickSale #PaulWinter #JeffBercuvitz #NancyJackTodd #JohnTodd #FoundationForGlobalCommunity

Honey: The Precious Nectar that Links Tradition with the Future of the New Generation

The Ogiek Honey Slow Food Presidium was launched to protect the Mau Forest ecosystem and promote the value of the Ogiek people’s ancestral culture through honey, their most important product. The Macodev (Mariashoni Community Development) cooperative, a community-based organization that brings together 12 groups of beekeepers, is working to increase production volumes, differentiate the various types of honey produced, improve packaging, and promote the honey in shops, restaurants, and hotels.

#food #sources #resources #honey #bee-keeping #beekeepers #beekeeping #apiculture #food-growing #MauForest #Ogiek #people #community #nature #environment #sustainability #resilience #OgiekHoneySlowFoodPresidium #slowfood #slowfoodinternational
Honey: The Precious Nectar that Links Tradition with the Future of the New Generation


#EdgarCayce on #Health, #Healing, and #Rejuvenation - #JohnVanAuken
what a #thing

Our #Conscious #Community #Lecture Series features a new topic each #time and occurs on the third Wednesday of every month. For the month of November, we're featuring popular author, speaker, and tour leader John Van Auken on the subject of Edgar Cayce on Health, Healing, and Rejuvenation. Sponsored by

Giving Back, One Basketball Court at a Time
When basketball courts end up with cracks, dips and divots, Dan Peterson and company step in. With the help of artists and community volunteers, Project Backboard resurfaces public courts and turns them into fly, large-scale pieces of art. The organization has brought new life and sleek aesthetics to over two dozen basketball courts around the world—including in Dan’s hometown of New Rochelle, New York. #Basketball #Streetart #Courtart #Community #PowerFromPeople #Documentation #Movie

So dann mal auf in die #machbar in #Potsdam. Kleines außerplanmäßiges @cccp treffen.

Wer Lust hat vorbei zu schauen ab 15:00 Uhr sind wir vor Ort. 💪

#seimaleinmacher #basteln #quatschen #stammtisch #community


Here is more info on the #vegan #donut campaign with #Dunkin!


COK and Students Show Dunkin’ How Easy a Vegan Donut Would Be
Compassion Over Killing teamed up with University of Central Florida student group, Knights for #AnimalRights, to show Dunkin’ just how #easy and #tasty vegan #
... mehr anzeigen


Untold Stories Of Everyday Innovators Inside Organizations - If you are a leader, I challenge you to democratize innovation and give everyone a platform for innovation

The actual linked article is quite interesting to read and reminded me of two occasions that I have taken up the offer by CEOs of two large IT companies where they challenged the audience to come up with creative and innovative ideas.

I took both up on their offers (neither responded) but the one was a very public Tier 1 ISP in South Africa and my suggestion back then was to zero-rate data for educational and certain government sites - something which an ISP can do. No response, so I sent a reminder and then did a follow-up via a contact I knew in the organisation. Nothing. And ironically a few years later this type of zero-rating actually did happen.

CEOs: Don't challenge the public or your staff to come up with ideas and then ignore them. It is incredibly cheap and shallow. Organisations have such a wealth of untapped innovation as well as experience outside the actual job being done, but most organisations are completely blind to it. I have lots of funny stories of how organisations have missed the boat big time because they're so busy doing their strategic plans... mehr anzeigen

#web #apps #games #sites #community #create #free
“#Glitch is a different kind of company.
We started almost 20 years ago as Fog Creek Software, a pioneering independent tech company that has always put people first.
Along the way, our team invented Trello, co-created Stack Overflow, and launched many other groundbreaking apps that collectively have made us one of the most influential small tech companies ever. Now we’re building Glitch, the friendliest, most inclusive and welcoming social platform on the internet. …”


How about this one?

NYC starts "MCP" (#Muslim #Community #Patrols)
after pulling actual police patrols from select areas.

Step #1 to #Sharia #Law zones.

-or- Our version of this:

IT BEGINS: Merkel’s Muslim Migrants Form Sharia Police To Patrol Streets Of Berlin – Terrorize Locals


We wish an

awesome 2019

for everyone in the diaspora\* community.

Together you are what make diaspora\* a special place to be. Thank you!

<3 d\*

#diaspora #community #2019



Islet of Hope

Mbarouk Mussa Omar is from a small East African Island called Pemba. Nearly ten years ago he visited a tiny neighbouring islet called Kokota and was shocked by what he saw. Kokota was teetering towards collapse, and Mbarouk knew climate change and deforestation were the culprits. He desperately wanted to help Kokota, but what could one poor man from Pemba possibly do?

Kokota: The Islet of Hope tells the story of Mbarouk’s quest to help Kokota. This short introduces viewers to resilient people living on the front lines of climate change and tells the story of how these unlikely heroes have managed to innovatively adapt to a warming climate while reforesting their island. This inspirational film promises t... mehr anzeigen

Agroforestry ‘Home Gardens’ Build Community Resilience in Southern Ethiopia

#community #resilience #sustainability #local #organic #food #food-growing #food-gardening #tree-planting #agroforestry #home-gardens #homesteading #ecology #environment #Ethiopia #OrganicConsumersAssociation



A Hippie Odyssey

“Olompali: A Hippie Odyssey” is the story an ordinary man caught up in extraordinary times, whose life is forever changed by the social upheaval going on around him.

Embracing the spirit of the counterculture revolution during the Summer of Love, wealthy Marin County businessman Don McCoy transforms his life from conservative entrepreneur to beneficent hippie dropout, using his family inheritance to lease Rancho Olompali, a 700-acre estate north of San Francisco, to start a commune. He invites a couple dozen like-minded friends and families to join him in his dream of creating a community where they can live without monetary concerns in an atmosphere of love, peace and freedom. The group becomes known throughout the Bay Area as the Chosen Family - Marin’s archetypal entry into the legend and lore of the Sixties hippie commune movement.

... mehr anzeigen


Es füllt sich langsam. Kommt doch einfach mal bei uns im #Mumble vorbei. :anxde: :blobcheer:

Server Adresse:

#Anoxinon #Community #Talk #Silvester #Meet #ScheißHashtags

Alle verloren gegangenen Seelen die heute um Mitternacht alleine zu Hause sitzen sind gerne in den #Anoxinon #Mumble #Server eingeladen unter:

Anzutreffen sind auf jedenfall: @cebeer @angrytux und meeeee

#Silvester #Mumble #Party #Community

Kolumne Nachbarn: Guten Morgen, Berlin #Silvester #KolumneNachbarn #Freundschaft #Community #Kolumnen #Gesellschaft

Running an open source project means investing in #community at least as hard as you invest in engineering. Anything less is proprietary development with an open door. - 3/3

"Many contemporary political concepts and notions have their origin in religious or theological concepts or structures. In fact, a closer look reveals that #religion and the #divine imagination brought about the first social identities in #history. They formed the ideological glue of many tribes and other pre-state communities and defined their existence as communities. Later, after state structures had already developed, the traditional links between state, power and society began to weaken. The sacred and divine ideas and practices which had been present when the #community began increasingly lost their meaning in relation to a common identity and were, instead, transferred to the power structures of monarchs or dictators. The state and its power were derived from divine will and law and its ruler became king by the grace of #God. They represented divine power on earth." - The Political Thought of #Abdullah #Öcalan [#Kurdistan, Woman's #Revolution and Democratic Confederalism] (2017) #anarchism #books #quote


#CommunityHelp making the switch to #Linux?

Hey guys, I'm looking to become increasingly device-agnostic, eventually hoping to run a computer with all my programs and documents directly from a #Flash / #NAND drive. To this end, it's finally time for me to make the switch to Linux (hurrah!). To do so I'd like to get a new laptop that's very light, ideally 13" or 15" (comfortable for carrying everywhere but also for typing at for hours on end in cafés and libraries), has at least one (but ideally more) USB-C ports, a slot for a microSD card, and at least 500GB in internal SSD storage (but closer to 1TB would be preferable). A touchscreen and magnetic charger cable are nice bonuses but not necessary, and I'll be using it for photo and video editing... mehr anzeigen


Holiday fun with JSLoader

The Nextcloud JSLoader app enables admins to specify JavaScript which loads on each page in Nextcloud. In the spirit of the holidays we decided to use this for a little fun to show you what it can do. Let’s make it snow in Nextcloud!

A simple snow script

The JSLoader app allows the admin to include JavaScript into all Nextcloud pages. This can be used for web analytics for example, but of course – anything can be loaded and we’re looking for a wintery theme!

A quick search brought us to this nice snow script from Scott Schiller, who claims the script has been making it snow on the web since 2003. We’ll simply go ahead and load that script in the JSLoader on Nextcloud, after tuning some of its parameters!

Step 1

So first, install the JSLoader app in the app section and visit the admin configuration of this app:

... mehr anzeigen

The headline may seem a bit silly to some people, but if you are a parent or you’re to become one, you will appreciate this article. People usually think that kids listen to the songs with silly lyrics and cheerful melodies....

More :

#today #community #melodies #lyrics #composed #listen #parents #childrens #happy #future #songs #radio #everywhere #played #present #careers #marley #bob #beatles #johnny #johnson

Illegale Vermietung in München: Gericht zwingt Airbnb zur Herausgabe von Vermieterdaten
Airbnb muss Behörden die Daten illegaler Vermieter herausgeben
#Privat #Vermieter #Wohnungsmarkt #Hotel #Unterkunft #Reservieren #SiliconValley #Community #Airbnb #Wirtschaft #Unternehmen&amp;Märkte #Hotels


Weil es interessant ist
Gedanken eine GPlusRefugees zum Umstieg
#diaspora #foss #federation #fediverse #friendica #hubzilla #gnusocial #community #... mehr anzeigen


Weil es interessant ist
Gedanken eine GPlusRefugees zum Umstieg
#diaspora #foss #federation #fediverse #friendica #hubzilla #gnusocial #community #... mehr anzeigen

RT @DBfK_Pflege: Es gibt viel zu berichten zum #Community #Health #Nursing. Die zweite Projektphase läuft, Studiengänge entstehen. Wer noch mal nachlesen will: Alle Infos kompakt hier
DBfK Pflege on Twitter


My Irnik

A young father teaches his son about the value of shared adventures, exploration and his ancestral Inuit heritage. Set in Arctic Canada, Conor, a young father and a native of Montreal fell in love with the northern way of life and with a woman from there. Now, with a young family, he helps to pass on the native traditions and ancestral culture to his son, as he learns them himself. In this surreal landscape and isolated community, these two are bonding over a shared love of the outdoors, dogsledding, exploration and new adventures.

#MyIrnik #documentary #film #family #sharing #outdoor #outdoors #adventures #exploration #Inuit #heritage #way-of-life #people #community #MyIrnikFilm #HoodVisuals #docu-films


Is Anbox needed on Ubuntu Touch or does it hinder free software?

And... what is 'dogfooding' anyway?

Find out more in this #Audiocast while #community members Wayne and Joe discuss #Anbox - the controversial and exciting upcoming #UbuntuTouch feature and 'dogfooding' (what it means and why it matters) and more...


Die afrobolivianische Community: Boliviens schwarzer König #Schwarze #Community #ReiselandBolivien #Reise #Gesellschaft #Reiseland


Unsung heroes of the Nextcloud Community: Bernhard Posselt

It’s a classic libre software contributor story: Someone uses a tool, and adds to it a missing feature they want. Nextcloud contributor Bernhard Posselt got started this way and became a central member of the Nextcloud community.

He is based in Austria, studied Software Engineering, programs mostly in Java (Spring), and tries to find time to learn Haskell and Rust. Next step: Diving into Idris.

Like many, the first libre software he remembers using is Firefox. Later, Beryl (renamed Compiz) got him interested in Linux, before Windows Vista slowdowns fully pushed him over the edge: “Been toying with it for a bit and migrated fully after my new 2000€ Sony Vaio Laptop proved unable to run Vista at appropriate speeds”, he said.
The last step from user to libre software contributor was a small one for Bernhard: “I think it was sometime back in 2010 and 2011, when I wanted to migrate away from Google. I ran ownCloud for calendar and contact sync, but a decent RSS reader was missing. I took to IRC to complain about it in their channel, took a loo... mehr anzeigen


Moodle x Nextcloud: “I enjoy being a part of two open source communities whose efforts empower many people”

You may have heard about the release of Moodle 3.6, which comes with built-in Nextcloud and was announced last Monday. A great occasion to get to know one of the great minds behind the project: Jan Dageförde, from the University of Münster, who answered a few questions for us.

Who are you and where are you from?

I am a PhD student in information systems at the University of Münster, Germany. As part of my work for the university, I co-lead the technical team that is responsible for the development and operations of Learnweb, which is a Moodle-based e-learning platform that we offer to more than 45,000 students and 7,500 employees of our University. In that context, my colleagues, a few students, and I developed solutions tha... mehr anzeigen


Moodle 3.6 is here with Nextcloud integration!

Today, the Moodle team has released version 3.6, which comes with built-in Nextcloud support as well as many other improvements like enhanced course overview & dashboard, GDPR privacy settings, Media uploads in assignment feedback and more.

Nextcloud integration

Last year, we announced the Nextcloud Education Edition, developed in collaboration with Moodle, DeiC, regio iT, the TU Berlin and Univention. Moodle founder and Moodle Pty Ltd CEO Martin Dougiamas gave a keynote address at the Nextcloud conference later that month, detailing the project and its goals.

A series of apps was introduced, from ORCID authentication to the then-new Dashboard app (which gets a major update in the upcoming Nextcloud 15!). The Moodle integration was an external app, requiring both Moodle and Nextcloud components. Work on this has continued, in no small part by the team of students from the University of Muenster, Nina Herrmann, Lukas Biermann, and Wladisl... mehr anzeigen

Moodle 3.6 is here with Nextcloud integration! #nextcloud #community #business #partner #news
Moodle 3.6 is here with Nextcloud integration!


Oh wow! This is amazing! [3

... mehr anzeigen


# Alternatives (mark II) #

Krita drawing - 3508 × 3000 - 6,8 MB PNG - A new and improved version of a drawing I made long time ago. This time made it in colour and added some extra logos. Hubzilla and Mastodon over the little fire and WeChat instead of G+ that will soon close.

There are plenty more projects in the federation and the fediverse and as all the art I publish on this profile is CC-by you can add and rework the image as much as you like. The image is maybe a bit to detailed to make and effective meme, but if any of you can use it to get more people fitted around the fire I would be pleased. In 250dpi it can also be a poster of 35x30 cm...

Made with Krita




Like all other works on this profile this work is licensed under a

Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Attribute: Katharsisdrill - Link to:

#art #krita #madewithkrita #drawing #alternatives #Diaspora #Friendica #Hubzilla #Mastodon #community #fire #art #drawing #Illustration
#mywork #ownwork #cc #creativecommons #cc-by

Es gab ja damals noch diese #GabrielBurns #Hörspiel #Community unter
Das Forum ist leider auch im Wartemodus...

Hab ich eigentlich schon erwähnt gehabt das die #Fediverse #Community viel geiler ist als die von #Twitter und Co. ? Nein?! Na dann wisst ihr es jetzt 😂

:anxde: :mastodon: :halcyon:

#Anoxinon #Mastodon

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