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RT @DBfK_Pflege: Es gibt viel zu berichten zum #Community #Health #Nursing. Die zweite Projektphase läuft, Studiengänge entstehen. Wer noch mal nachlesen will: Alle Infos kompakt hier
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The Game Changers

Directed by Louie Psihoyos and executive produced by James Cameron, The Game Changers tells the story of James Wilks — elite special forces trainer and winner of The Ultimate Fighter — as he travels the world on a quest for the truth behind the world’s most dangerous myth: that meat is necessary for protein, strength and optimal health. Meeting elite athletes, special ops soldiers, visionary scientists, cultural icons, and everyday heroes, what James discovers permanently changes his relationship with food and his definition of true strength.

#TheGameChangers #documentary #film #food #health #meat #protein #JamesWilks #LouiePsihoyos #docu-films

Chemicals on our food: When “safe” may not really be safe
Though many consumers might not be aware of it, every year, government scientists document how hundreds of chemicals used by farmers on their fields and crops leave residues in widely consumed foods.
#food #health #safety #EnvironmentalHealthNews



#Dr. #JohnBergman
Published on Dec 9, 2018

Check Out the Extreme #Health Academy:

What is the Extreme Health Academy?

With the world becoming increasingly toxic and the incredible lack of knowledge regarding appropriate healthcare, it has never been more important to take charge of your health and your life. The Extreme Health Academy is a website that's full of information to help you learn exactly what you must do to survive and thrive in this world.

Best of all this website is a community of people ready to help others on the road to optimal health with features like an online forum, live webinars, podcasts, video courses, and more.
Sales Page

Some doctors are protesting over poor pay and work conditions, and nurses are threatening to do the same. #Africa #Health

Thousands queue to receive help from US hospital ship, laying bare deep need of fleeing Venezuela's crisis. #LatinAmerica #Colombia #Venezuela #Health #HumanRights #Poverty


Six Detroit area doctors indicted in $500M health care fraud

The FBI is investigating Pain Center locations in Warren and Eastpointe as six doctors face an indictment for alleged health care fraud and illegal prescriptions.
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Article content:


The document states the defendants submitted more than $272.6 million to Medicaid, $182.5 million to Medicare and $9.2 million to Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan for medically unnecessary services and equipment.

They are accused of issuing more than 13.2 million dosage units of opioids including Oxycontin, Percocet, Endocet, Roxicodone, Opana, Vicodin, Norco, Lortab, Lorcet and Dilaudid.

Authorities searched Thursday the Pain Center USA at 27423 Van Dyke Avenue, just north of 696, in Warren, and the Interventional Pain Center at 22480 Kelly Road in Eastpointe.

Officials said the defendants prescribed opioid medications to induce patients to visit the office, then in order to get them, they had to undergo ancillary services, including painful facet joint and facet block injections.

According to its website, the Pain Center advertises help with managing pain from auo injury, neck pain, arthritis, chronic pain, etc. It says they provides specialists to aid in pain management, including psychologists, physical therapists, anesthesiologists, psychiatrists, pharmacists and home care.

“The damage that opioid distribution has done to our community and to the United States as a whole has been devastating,” said U.S. Attorney Schneider. “Healthcare professionals who prey on patients who are addicted to opioids in order to line their pockets is particularly egregious. We will continue to prosecute such individuals who choose to violate federal law and their ethical oaths.”

Anyone with information about this case, or any other similar activity, is asked to contact the FBI at (313) 965-2323.

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What exactly are the benefits of #flu #vaccines?

#news #science #health #vaccine #medicine #epidemiology
The New York Times vs. the Science on the Flu Shot

Children's Health Defense: The New York Times vs. the Science on the Flu Shot • Children's Health Defense

The cancer marker was identified by scientists at the University of Queensland who have also developed a simple test to detect it in blood and biopsy tissue.
Australian researchers discover unique cancer biomarker
#Health #Cancer #DiseasesandDisorders #Genetics #ScienceandTechnology #cancer #cancerbiomarker #disease #dna #epigenome #epigenetics #universityofqueensland #bloodtest #cancerdetection

Government bill for importing drugs is in the millions of dollars, money it doesn't have. #MiddleEast #Sudan #Health

Researchers report 90 percent accuracy when test is used to identify cancer cells in blood or biopsy tissue. #Australia #Health #Science&Technology

Iraqi Red Crescent Society's prosthetic limbs factory will help rehabilitate thousands injured in war. #MiddleEast #Iraq #Health

Breakthrough procedure could help thousands of women unable to have children due to uterine problems, researchers say. #Health #LatinAmerica #Brazil

♲ Michael o'donnell (
Cheap and simple test for cancers.
Another breakthrough by Australian scientists.

Australian researchers 'absolutely stunned' by discovery of unique cancer marker
#Health #Cancer #DiseasesandDisorders #Genetics #ScienceandTechnology #cancer #cancerbiomarker #disease #dna #epigenome #epigenetics #universityofqueensland #bloodtest #cancerdetection

There the automatic translation on english of russian article about recently published Truth Tobacco Industry Documents
Some quotes from there:
Since the 80s of the last century, RJR, Loewe, UST, Booke, BAT and Philip Morris began to buy companies that produce drinks and food, and enter as share capital in fast food chains. This is not the only occupation they liked: someone transferred all his strength to medical insurance, and someone to mine diamonds.

Among the major and well-known purchases were Kraft Foods and Nabisco, among much less well-known - shares in Nestle, Coca-Cola, KFC, etc ..

It was during the period of revolutionary freedom that there was an explosion in the production of sugar-containing beverages, carbohydrate bars and experiments with flavor enhancers in fast food.

From 1986 to 1993, the companies producing “harmful food” fully adapted to the sale of drugs: they began to massively invest in sports events, sponsor environmental protection, and with terrible force went into popular science (populist) activities.

Or the inscription on the package "does not contain ..." something harmful, but not related to this particular product - their own invention.
There source of 14M documetns
Bild/FotoD P wrote the following post Tue, 04 Dec 2018 23:35:41 +0300

Кушать подано
Кушать подано


«Здесь курят»

Некоторое время назад мы начинали говорить о превратностях здорового/нездорового питания.

Сегодня позволю себе небольшую ремарку об одном индустриальном нюансе.

В качестве громкого аккорда борьбы с курением Конгресс США санкционировал выкладывание документации табачных компаний. Тянули несколько лет и наконец бумаги робко полились в онлайн. До самого недавнего времени ничего сенсационного там не появлялось.

После долгих проводов Хэллоуина, в сеть выложили гигантский архив работы госслужб США с гигантами индустрии неврозов, а также их переписку с общественными фондами, маркетинговые материалы, спонсорские пакеты, а главное подробное обсуждение всей этой кипучей деятельности.

14 ... миллионов ... документов!

Называется всё это пафосно: «Truth Tabacco Industry Documents».

В действительности на стороннего наблюдателя никакой Правды с небес не свалится.

Всё и так ясно, как божий день: олигополия наркокартелей в условиях попустительского государственного регулирования.

Детали же куда любопытней. Кипа скучных бумаг с цифрами и графиками – сокровище в руках профессионального социолога. Та небольшая часть, которую я успел пройти с микроскопом, содержит несколько инсайтов.

Поделюсь только одним, как кажется, многое объясняющим про ту реальность, в которой мы живем.

Из деятельности с научными центрами видно, что табачные гиганты примерно за 10 лет до начала активной борьбы с курением знали, что именно их ждет. Финансирование они стали постепенно урезать. Им сознательно дали достаточную фору для перехода на новые рельсы.

Речь идет, разумеется, о развитых странах первого мира. Второй мир опоздал еще на 10 лет, а в третьем эта волна только начинается.


Как ребята распорядились предоставленным гандикапом?

С 80-х годов прошлого века RJR, Loewe, UST, Booke, BAT и Philip Morris начали скупать компании производящие напитки, продукты питания и заходить в качестве акционерного капитала в сети фаст-фуда. Это не единственное приглянувшееся им занятие: кто-то перебросил все силы в медицинское страхование, а кто-то в добычу алмазов.

Но очень большая доля финансовой активности развернулась именно в этих индустриях.

Среди крупных и известных покупок были Kraft Foods и Nabisco, среди куда менее известных – доли в Nestle, Coca-Cola, KFC и т.д..

Главное тут, как они распорядились возможностями. Простым (со)владением дело не ограничилось. Как показывают рыночные исследования того времени (а найти оригиналы 1986 года в 2018-м уже подвиг) в сторону «гражданских» предприятий полились «военные технологии».

Систематический трансфер профессионалов, стратегий и, в конце концов, знаний об устройстве госрегулирования продолжался до начала 2000-х. Потом уже все перемешалось, а табачных гигантов стали прибирать к рукам.

Именно на период времени революционной свободы пришелся взрыв производства сахаро-содержащих напитков, углеводных батончиков и эксперименты с усилителями вкуса в фаст-фуде.


С 1986 по 1993 год компании производители «вредной еды» полностью адаптировались под продажу наркотиков: они стали массово вкладываться в спортивные мероприятия, спонсировать защиту окружающей среды и со страшной силой пошли в научно-популярную (популисткую) деятельность.

Очень сильно поменялось регулирование, реклама, да и продуктовый маркетинг. Те же Nestle, PepsiСo и Mars обеспечили себе 15-20 лет невидимого глазу процветания минимальными финансовыми вливаниями.

Например, вот этот прием, адаптацию фаст-фудом «здорового питания», как компенсацию за двойные порции «нездоровой еды» в меню, предложил именно маркетолог из BAT.

Или надпись на упаковке «не содержит...» чего-то вредного, но не имеющего отношения к этому конкретному продукту – их же выдумка.

Горы новаций, горы.

А вы говорите, потребление никотина ведет к мучительной смерти. Нет, к смерти ведет совсем не это :-)

Как говорится: можно бросить курить, но нельзя бросить есть.
#capitalism #tobacco #conspiracy #documents #health #infosec

Fund helps undocumented immigrants who lost homes and work and developed health conditions due to California wildfires. #UnitedStates #Health #Immigration #Environment #US&Canada


#5g #stop #health

In case you were wondering…

You might be wondering where I’ve been lately and why it seems like I’ve disappeared from the face of the Earth, I thought it might be time to shed a little light on things.

The week after Labor Day I bent over to pick something off the floor. It was slightly to the right of my right foot and when I twisted to reach it I felt something pop in my lower back. It hurt, but not a lot and I almost forgot about it. That night at karate I was definitely feeling it but it didn’t really prohibit me from doing anything. Later in the week, I noticed as I was doing my pre-class 5K that I had a weird pain in my left ankle. Stretching didn’t do much and while it didn’t really go away, it didn’t seem to be getting worse. So I just kept going.

In hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have. While the pain in my lower back remained somewhat constant, I was experiencing a variety of pains in my lower leg, which varied in location and intensity. Add to that bouts of numbness (“pins and needles”) and weakness when first taking a step. Luckily, I never actually fell down but I came close more times than I can count.

Eventually, it got to the point where I couldn’t lift my left leg off the ground more than an inch or two. I was getting ready to help teach a class and realized I couldn’t kick with that leg. I stepped off the mat and told Sensei that I needed to go home and deal with it. I haven’t been back to the dojo since.

Treating it on my own (Advil, ice, heat, rest and gentle exercise) gave me some relief, although the pain didn’t really go away. My wife saw a poster advertising a research program at the University of Rochester looking for people with the kind of leg pain I was experiencing. The aim of the study is to investigate non-opioid treatments for sciatica (the official name of what I have, it refers to pressure on the sciatic nerve that runs down the leg). I am an avid supporter of science and I thought this would give me a chance for relief and to help others. I applied and was accepted.

In order to be part of the study, I needed to have the right kind of pain, at a sufficient level and keep a pain diary throughout the 12 weeks of the study. While these requirements seem fairly easy to meet I was the first person to apply that made it past the initial screening. I also received an MRI, which confirmed that I have spinal degeneration and a herniated disc. I will get the treatment on the 10th, as long I as continue to maintain my pain diary.

The treatment consists of an injection into the area around the spine where the sciatic nerve is being pressed on. Since this is a double blind test, neither I nor the study doctor will know whether I’m getting the study medication or a placebo. I then get to see if something happens or not. One nice thing about this study is if I don’t see any relief after 4 weeks I can request I get the study treatment at which point I’m no longer in the double-blind but will still be eligible for all of the follow-up visits and care. The one big downside of being in the study is I cannot take any over-the-counter medications like Advil (Ibuprofen), only a limited amount of Tylenol (Acetaminophen) for the duration. Not great, but tolerable so far.

Of course, it’s important to note this is a treatment and not a cure. In many cases, simply calming the inflammation of the sciatic nerve gives enough relief that no follow-up is necessary. But this depends on how much damage there is to the disc. There’s a small chance that back surgery will be required but I’m crossing my fingers that won’t be the case for me.

In the meantime, I’ve been continuing the ice and heat, which do help even without the Advil. But running and karate are simply out of the picture for now. I signed up for Tai Chi classes (which I studied before starting karate) and while they haven’t been particularly comfortable, the slower movements are manageable with my somewhat limited range of motion.

Will I ever be back to karate? Will I be able to run a 5K again? I really don’t know. I’ve been experiencing some other physical issues, most of which come from the use of weapons as part of training for 2nd and now 3rd degrees. Karate has been a major part of my life for 16 years, that it might be something I can never return to is disheartening. I always push myself hard, I can’t do it any other way. So I can’t imagine training any way other than how everyone else is. We’ll just have to see what happens, I guess.

With all that in mind, you can expect to see me at the next Black Belt Graduation. I look forward to seeing some of my students and former white belts celebrating their achievements.

\#maszman #health #personal #sciatica
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In case you were wondering…

Notes from a water fast

The fast was largely an experiment in willpower (I do like to test mine regularly), but also, I had an interest in the alleged health effects - namely autophagy. From my research, this process doesn't really kick in until day 3 or 4.

I preceded the experiment with 3 or 4 weeks of an extremely low carb diet. The intention was to go straight from the fast to a ketogenic diet. I've been fairly low carb for a good few years anyway, so it's a simple transition for me.

Hunger is worst in the first 24 hours. I found days 2 and 3 to be fairly simple.

Electrolytes are important. Salty water tastes disgusting on the first day. By day 4, I'd acquired a taste for it.

I expected to feel weak but that wasn't the case. I was still happily walking a few miles every day, walking up a few flights of stairs at work several times daily, and on the 4th day I tested myself with a few sets of press ups which I managed ok.

Days 1 to 3, there was a perceived improvement in clarity with regards to vision. Everything seemed brighter and crisper. Day 4 and my eyes seemed to have become too sensitive to light and it was extremely uncomfortable sitting at work staring at a screen all day.

It was actually quite refreshing not having to work my day around meal times.

Day 4, I had a foul taste in my mouth all day. I could not get rid of it. This and the light sensitivity were bothering me more than the lack of food.

Day 4, I also started to develop a dull headache.

The fast was originally supposed to be 5 days but I cut it a day short due the unbearable taste and my headaches at work (we had issues at work and the next day was going to be a busy one).

As it turned out, the negative symptoms I experienced were due to the adaption to ketosis... known as the keto flu. Going straight from the fast to a keto diet didn't make the symptoms go away and they stayed for a few more days... so in hindsight, I don't think it would have made any difference if I'd have done one more day fasting.

#health #fasting #waterfast #keto

WHO's Africa director talks about the Ebola crisis and the resistance met while trying to tackle the outbreak in DRC. #DemocraticRepublicoftheCongo #Health #War&Conflict #Humanitariancrises #Africa

In Zimbabwe, a cash crisis has led to shortages of essential drugs and stocks and doctors worry that HIV patients unable to access their medicine consistently will develop drug-resistant strains. #Africa #Zimbabwe #Health

Around 7.5 million South Africans live with HIV – one of the highest rates in the world. #Africa #Aids #HIV #SouthAfrica #Health

In May 2017, Azima became the first person in Uzbekistan's history to publicly come out as HIV positive. #HIV #Health #Uzbekistan #Aids

Posts by:
Dr. Ernie Ward, DVM

Each New Year we’re inundated with lists of things to do, buy, and become. We read these lists, make promises to ourselves, and then promptly forget it ever happened by February. This year I’m taking the opposite approach: Here are the things you definitely don’t want to do, purchase or aspire to be more like. It’s time for my New Year’s Don’ts for your pets.
#veterinary #pets #dogs #dog #animals #pethealth #health

Forty-six million children in India are stunted because of malnutrition and 25 million more defined as 'wasted'. #India #Health #Food #Asia #HumanRights

Campaign to legalise use of medical marijuana gathers momentum in country known for draconian approach to drugs. #Malaysia #Drugs #Health #Crime #AsiaPacific

Got back to doing my exercises this morning. Got out of the habit for no good reason, but mainly because stuff would come up , like going out, and I'd say to myself "I'll do them later" but would forget. So I shall aspire to do my physio exercises before 9am each day. Huey gets used to my routines like that, and the minute he sees me start, he goes somewhere else for a while.

My exercises are:
30 SECONDS EACH LEG: Assisted Knee Flexion; Standing Knee Flexion; Inner Leg Extension; Seated Knee Extension; Gastrochemius Stretch; and Hamstring Stretch; also...
10 TIMES: Chair Assisted Squats; Step-ups, and Walking on the Spot.
When I get the EXERCISE BIKE assembled it'll also be 10 minutes of that as well.

The thing is that if I do these regularly, my knees do feel much less painful. The Inner Leg Extension and Chair Assisted Squats are the most painful to do, but afterwards my knees feel better.
#Health #Exercise

Geneticist He Jiankui says he's 'proud' of his work, as he defends claims of creating world's first gene-edited babies. #Health #China #AsiaPacific #Science&Technology

Hi Everyone,

If you live in the USA don't forget that open enrollment for health insurance is currently open and will end on December 15th.

Take care,
#health #insurance #aca #obamacare #openenrollment #healthinsurance

Scientists denounce claims by Chinese geneticist as concerns are raised about its safety and ethics. #Health #China #Science&Technology #AsiaPacific


First gene-edited babies claimed in China - The Mainichi
#health #science


How my sexual health searches ended up in the hands of big tech companies

If you look up information about reproductive health online, your browsing activity can end up in surprising places.
Article word count: 1190

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Posted by humanetech (karma: 281)
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\#HackerNews #big #companies #ended #hands #health #how #searches #sexual #tech #the
Article content:

Updated November 23, 2018 16:59:18

When I searched through the vast amount of [1]data my phone and laptop shared in a week, there was one thing that really weirded me out: [2]how my health information was being unexpectedly sent to multiple companies.

And it wasnʼt just search engines sharing my health-related web browsing — I even found a Victorian Government website delivering data directly to two of the worldʼs biggest tech companies. And when I asked them about it, they re-wrote large chunks of their privacy policy overnight.

Hereʼs what happened

Earlier this month I did a little research into vasectomies. For, ahem, the obvious reason.

Sorry if this is a little [3]TMI for you, but it provides a clear example of how something you think of as private can be scooped up by advertising companies.

Using my favourite privacy-focused search engine, [4]DuckDuckGo, I did a few searches over the course of about an hour. And I was a little bit surprised to find keywords associated with those searches had found their way to several of the largest tracking services (and a couple of smaller ones too).

It seems that while searching for information on vasectomies, I had, without realising, clicked on a sponsored search result. Itʼs something I try to avoid doing, but itʼs pretty easy to miss the labelling sometimes.

Bing, Microsoftʼs search engine and one of DuckDuckGoʼs advertising partners, recorded that Iʼd clicked on their ad and shared related keywords with the advertiser.

From there, more trackers — most of them embedded in the advertiserʼs website — were notified of the keywords.

In the end, from just one search, 14 separate servers run by a variety of companies, including Google, Microsoft and Adobe, received data revealing my interest in information about a vasectomy.

Sign up to keep track of this project, and to hear about interactives, visualisations and good reads from the ABC News Story Lab team. (No more than one email a week, we promise.)

Government health website sharing browsing data

As well as looking at the surgical solution, I did some searches on the efficacy of other contraceptive options (the numbers, BTW, are [5]a little alarming). This led me to the Victorian Government-run [6]Better Health website.

When I visited that site, I didnʼt expect details of my browsing behaviour related to sexual and reproductive health would be shared, without consent or notice, with third-party marketing companies.

But they were. Every page I visited on the Better Health website was shared — along with an identifier intended to uniquely identify my device, so it can be linked to other browsing activity — with a company called AddThis, a subsidiary of Oracle, one of the worldʼs largest technology companies.

From there it was also shared with Facebook, along with an identifier, which is likely [7]capable of identifying me personally — although Facebook says it does not use it in that way.

Until we put questions to the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services, this data sharing was not disclosed by Better Healthʼs privacy statement.

In a response to our questions, a department spokesperson said: "We have updated the privacy notice to clarify the use of data disclosed to all third parties."

Indeed, large sections of the siteʼs privacy policy were updated overnight.

However, there does not appear to have been any change to the functionality of the website itself. Browsing the Better Health site will still result in details about the conditions you look up being shared with AddThis and Facebook.

How often does this happen?

Timothy Libert, a privacy engineering researcher at Carnegie Mellon University, says this kind of tracking is most commonly used for advertising purposes.

"If they think youʼre interested in vasectomies, maybe they want to … sell you ice packs, for example," he said.

In a [8]2015 study, Dr Libert examined the first 50 search results for about 2,000 medical issues. Then he examined the trackers on about 80,000 pages.

While examining government health pages and commercial portals such as WebMD, he found a disturbing trend. The URL — for example, — was a data point trackers often picked up.

"When I looked at the page addresses, I found about 70 per cent of page addresses also included the names of the disease or symptoms or treatment," he said.

This allowed third-party trackers to either inadvertently or purposefully collect peopleʼs health interests. Maybe the URL contained the word "herpes" or "hot flushes".

Dr Libert said he was particularly concerned about the security of third-party trackers, and whether they would be able to keep such sensitive data safe.

"I think it will inevitably happen … there will be some kind of large-scale leak of peopleʼs medical interests. Maybe their medical history."

Is the data linked back to individuals?

Often these tracking services and the websites theyʼre embedded in claim theyʼre not tracking specific people and the data they collect isnʼt linked to anyoneʼs actual identity.

Indeed, this is exactly what the Better Health websiteʼs privacy policy states.

"This information is not used to identify individual users. Rather, the information helps us better understand and plan for the ongoing improvement of the service," their spokesperson said in response to our enquiries.

However, privacy researchers are concerned about this supposedly anonymous data.

"Such histories, linked with ʼanonymous identifiersʼ can be easily linked back to the individuals to whom they belong," [9]write researchers from Cliqz, a German company which runs [10]Who Tracks Me, a project to track the trackers.

One of the bits of data sent to Facebook along with the pages Iʼd visited on the Better Health website was an identifier known as ʼdatrʼ, a practice Facebook has been [11]arguing with European regulators about. Whether they intend to or not, Facebook almost certainly can link my identity to those pages I visited.

Could your health data be used to discriminate against you?

There is also growing concern about the use of health data to discriminate against people when applying for jobs, bank loans or insurance.

In the United States, for example, Dr Libert pointed out medical bills were a leading cause of bankruptcy.

If someoneʼs search history on health websites resembled that of other people who had previously gone bankrupt, it could be used as an excuse to treat them differently.

"You have a shadow form of discrimination," he said.

And itʼs not just search data. Munmun De Choudhury leads Georgia Techʼs Social Dynamics and Wellbeing Lab. Her work looks at what social media data can indicate about a personʼs wellbeing.

In one study, Dr De Choudhury found someone with depression or at risk of it tended to post at night on Twitter, and use distinctive grammar, among other indicators.

While she is interested in exploring how these insights could be used to support mental health treatment, Dr De Choudhury has concerns about where such data could end up.

"The secondary uses of these inferences is what really concerns me," she said. "What happens downstream — where does that data go? Does that data go to advertisers, does that data go to insurance companies or even to the government?," she said.

If employers use tools that predict a prospective hireʼs mental state from their social media, for instance, the potential for discrimination is immense."

For those concerned about such tracking, Dr Libert suggested using the TOR browser.

Topics: [12]internet-culture, [13]health

First posted November 23, 2018 06:08:09


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Authorities allow clinical trials even as a fresh WHO warning of babies getting infected raises new fears. #Africa #DemocraticRepublicoftheCongo #Ebola #Health

South Sudan's government hopes to increase oil production to boost the economy, which means that leaking oil wells will be repaired, but locals worry they will see an increase in health problems. #MiddleEast #Sudan #Health

"... In a 2016 Pew Research Center survey, 39% of Americans said GM foods were worse for health compared with non-GM foods. The uptick in concern about GM foods in 2018 is primarily among those with low levels of science knowledge; 52% of those with low science knowledge on a nine-item index say GM foods are worse for health than non-GM foods, up 23 percentage points from 29% in 2016. But there is no shift in beliefs among those with high science knowledge; 38% in this group say GM foods are worse for health, as did 37% in 2016. ..." ~ Public Perspectives on Food Risks #gmo #geo #science #health #food
Public Perspectives on Food Risks

Tech-giant apology follows a 10-year battle by families of workers who developed diseases including leukaemia. #SouthKorea #Samsung #Health #Business&Economy #AsiaPacific

The Taepyeong-dong complex south of Seoul, with at least six dog slaughterhouses, will be transformed into a park. #SouthKorea #Business&Economy #Health

Dr Thet Htwe tackles taboos and builds bridges as she gives sex education to people of all ages. #Myanmar #Gender #Health #WomensRights #HumanRights #AsiaPacific



Once insulin level rises, the body uses glucose for energy; and if insulin level falls, the body uses fatty acids. As baseline insulin secretion cannot be controlled voluntarily, one option is to control the number of times insulin is secreted into the blood after every eating episode. As more or less the same amount of insulin is secreted every time, irrespective of the quantity of food consumed, reducing eating frequency can reduce the insulin level. So, Dixit's advice is to eat twice when one is hungry; in between two meals, one can drink water, diluted, home-made buttermilk, green or black tea (without sugar), coconut water and one tomato.
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Friends Sergio Caceres and Daniel Folgar hope to find work in US to be able to afford treatment for their disabilities. #US-Mexicoborder #UnitedStates #Mexico #Guatemala #HumanRights #Poverty #Health

At the moment, the WHO has less than half the funding it needs on an annual basis. #Africa #Uganda #Health


Lifehacker: Apply Antiperspirant at Night for Maximum Effectiveness

If you use antiperspirant deodorant, applying it is most likely part of your morning routine (like its always been my routine). It's much more effective, however, to apply it at night before bed.

Applying your antiperspirant in the morning, particularly right after showering, makes it harder for the active ingredients to get down into your sweat ducts and clog them. In the morning your sweat volume is typically higher than it is at night, and your antiperspirant will wash right off.

The night is the best time for application because your sweat glands are less active and your skin is drier. The effect of the ingredients usually lasts around 24 hours and will remain active when you shower in the morning because the pores will still remain plugged.

Funny how we get an idea in our heads as to why something should work a particular way and we rarely question it - I always thought straight after a morning shower would maximise the following 12 hours of antiperspirant. I've tried this new routine for one day only but it seems to be working and did not wash off in the morning. I suppose it is much like the idea that eating fat will make you fat - it sounds logical, but it isn't.


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Since 2012, over 46 million women in the world's lowest income countries got access to contraception, a new report says. #WomensRights #Health #Maternalhealth

Health ministry condemns violence in eastern city, says the outbreak 'remains dangerous'. #DemocraticRepublicoftheCongo #Health #War&Conflict #Ebola #Africa