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Operating systems – can we make them private?

Every #operating #system (and #application) ever created becomes less #private with each new version.

As technology has evolved, developers are under increasing pressure to spy on their #customers and extract their #data for #exploitation.

Users are always advised to update their #software to improve its #security, its #interface and embrace new features – sometimes with good reason (like #patching a known #vulnerability). Other times the #developer is simply adding spyware. Some 'useful' applications are designed solely as #spyware and do nothing but #collect data.

As most here know, the #OS with the biggest data collection appetite is Windows 10 . #Microsoft have invested their time and money into a #business model that demands its online products extract user data to drive their #ad #targeting #revenue #streams.
Gone are the days when we could install an OS from a CD or have a choice to accept or reject an update.

#Windows is no longer a product but a “service” and with #services come #fees. Microsoft will charge for its OS’s in future. Even #windows7 will incur fees for users who prefer it to #windows10 from January 2020, the cost will rise each year.

Microsoft 'Confirms' Windows 7 New Monthly Charge

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Windows 10 has had 3 major update scandals this year alone where #devices frozen or random files were #deleted.

Thousands of Windows 7 & 8 users have had their devices upgraded to 10 without their permission, while many businesses are refusing to change from Windows 7 forcing Microsoft to extend their support for it.

I will try to explain how we can make Windows 10 #safer in future posts but users will have to face the fact that

Microsoft's Software is Malware

Furthermore it contains backdoors. I have tested this myself. I’ve turned off all updates on a Windows 7 device yet have still received updates! These were flagged up by Windows 7’s event manager – ironically, a Microsoft product betraying another Microsoft product. However, I did not disable updates in the #registry on that #device – the surest way of truly stopping updates – because one mistake can trash the system. The #hacking #community tells me they have developed a souped-up version of #XP running with all #backdoors closed, although I have no proof of this.

Microsoft's Software is Malware

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